Mission Statement

Supporting health and health promotion in health care

The mission of the Competence Centre for Health Promotion in Hospitals and Health Care is to support the development of hospitals and other health care institutions in Europe and other regions of the world into healthy and health promoting settings and organisations. The vision of Health Promoting Health Care Institutions includes 4 dimensions:

  • good quality treatment and care in a healthy health care setting; extending the treatment of current diseases towards disease prevention and promotion of positive health; strengthening patient orientation towards empowering patients to take control over the factors that influence their health
  • healthy workplaces for staff
  • strong partners for public health in the communities
  • healthy and sustainable organisations.

The centre pursues this mission by providing technical / scientific support: Organizing knowledge, fostering communication on health promotion in hospitals and health care through conferences, workshops, newsletters and a website, presenting and publishing concepts, experiences and strategies for implementation and by initiating and co-ordinating innovative research and development projects. The Centre is committed to the values of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (WHO 1986), stressing autonomy, self-determination and (democratic) participation as prerequisites for sustainable health, and to the Settings Approach for Health Promotion. The Centre is committed to principles of thorough scientific research, but also to a model of applied science for evidence-based quality improvement in health care (based on the principle of best available evidence).


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